Master's degree

Admission Profile

  • Students incoming to the Master's Degree in Computer Science of CICESE must:

    1) Have a bachelor's degree or equivalent in physical and mathematical sciences, computing, engineering or related areas. In exceptional circumstances and at the discretion of the Board of the Graduate Program, the applicant may proceed from another academic degree.

    2) Have shown good academic performance in their bachelor work.

    3) Make a commitment to dedicate their full time to the master studies.

    4) Show analytical skills, creativity, good work habits, and commitment to their studies.

    5) Show interest and be motivated to acquire a systematic knowledge of the areas of Computer Science that are developed in the department.

Graduate Profile

  • The student who graduates from this master must:

    1) Have the ability to identify, conceptualize, formulate and solve technical problems in a wide range, which can be addressed using computational techniques.

    2) Use a range of skills and tools acquired in the master to project a strategy to solvedifferent complex problems in the computer area.

    3) Be able to acquire and transmit knowledge in different areas of computer science.

    4) Be competitive in the labor market of the private sector linked to the development of information technology.

    5)Be able to join an academic staff of an Engineering or Computer Science department in high education institutions in the country, where the graduate must show the ability to get involved in interdisciplinary working groups and perform as a teacher.

    6) Be able to pursue a doctorate in national or international recognized institutions.

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