Master's degree

Admission Profile

  • Applicants to this master should have completed abachelor degree related to life sciences, oceanology, agriculture, aquaculture or veterinary disciplines. The applicant must also be able to work individually and in teams, and show special interest in the cultivation of aquatic organisms.

Graduate Profile

  • The graduate profile of this master poses desirable traits that students must show at the end of their education as a guarantee that they will be able to successfully perform in any professional field.

    These features are the result of a training that emphasizes the need to develop skills promoting life, which, in addition to knowledge and aptitudes, involves attitudes and values to successfully cope with various kinds of tasks.

    Students will gain a solid background in basic principles related to aquaculture, although learning and competences will be specific to each student according to the selected program or line of research.

    As a result of the formation of the student throughout its graduate program, the graduate of the master will acquire:

    a) Knowledge and skills to solve problems of aquaculture production
    b) The ability to support aquaculture research work.
    c) The ability to train personnel who have low education and working in farms.
    d) The ability to form human resources at different bachelor and master levels in aquaculture or related areas.
    e) The ability to continue a doctoral program, national or international, in aquaculture or related areas.
    f) The ability is to find, select, analyze, evaluate and use information related to aquaculture, from various sources.
    g) The ability to interpret and explain processes of aquaculture in the social, economic and scientific fields to take individual or collective decisions that favor aquaculture areas.
    h) The ability to actively contribute to the development of aquaculture businesses and strengthen the scientific basis for developing a sustainable aquaculture industry.
    i) The ability to ask questions, make judgments, make decisions and propose solutions in order to develop strategies to solve problems related to the cultivation of aquatic species.


Admission Profile

Graduate Profile

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