Objectives of the Master's Degree

  • The objective is to train graduates in Earth Sciences able to interact with specialists from different disciplines and train experts to solve actual local, regional and national issues, such as: quantification of water resources and its quality assessment, mineral and hydrocarbon exploration; risks assessment and geological hazards; groundwater pollution, among others.

    The study plan is mainly scientific, and also includes a strong experimental aspect. Theses are the result of research carried out by researchers and students. The study plan is interdisciplinary by its scientific nature and its institutional organization. The study plan meets the key objectives of CICESE, which is doing scientific research and training high-quality human resources.

Objectives of the Ph.D.

  • The objective is to train doctors in Earth Sciences with a wide knowledge background in environmental geosciences, applied geophysics, geology and seismology allowing them to interact with specialists from different disciplines to promote scientific research and learning from a multidisciplinary approach proposing solutions to current national issues, such as locating water, minerals, energy sources, geological hazards, seismic risk and sustainable use of natural resources, environment and soils.

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