Objectives of the Master's Degree

  • The Master of Science in Aquaculture aims to:
    1 -. Train competent human resources in science with practical skills that are crucial to the development of the aquaculture industry.
    2 -. Prepare students who wish to pursue doctoral studies with the necessary knowledge, skills and capacities in aquaculture or related areas.
    3 -. Train experts that can describe and implement strategies for the future development of the aquaculture industry.
    4 -.Train academic personnel for the aquaculture industry, as well as middle or higher education institutions.

    The goal of this master is to develop and promote a sustainable aquaculture through the training of competent human resources with skills in the most important areas of science related to aquaculture, such as:
    1.Food and nutrition,
    2. Genetics, reproduction and physiology,
    3.Design and development of aquaculture technology and
    4.Pathology and health of aquatic organisms.

Objectives of the Ph.D.

  • This program aims to train excellent and competitive human resources, with scientific, technological, ecological, bio-security, sustainability and ethical principles, able to generate cutting edge knowledge in some areas of science and technology in aquaculture, as well as to share knowledge.

    The goals of the program are that graduates can join the academic or productive sector to generate and share new knowledge so that different areas of aquaculture can be developed and integrated, as well as to solve specific problems and innovate aquaculture technology.

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