Our department offers master's and doctorate study plans in Electronics and Telecommunications with three different orientations:

* Instrumentation and Control (design of instruments and electronic equipment, data acquisition and control equipment, nonlinear systems with time delay and chaotic systems)
* High Frequency Electronics (design, characterization and modeling of microwave and millimeter wave devices and components)
* Telecommunications (optical communications, optoelectronics components, satellite communications, wireless communications and telecommunications networks)

These programs are aimed at applicants that have a degree in any branch of physical and mathematical sciences and engineering. It is necessary that new students have basic knowledge of: differential and integral calculus, differential equations, linear algebra, complex variables, probability and statistics, linear systems, Laplace transform, Fourier transform and series as well as some programming language.

* For the option in Instrumentation and Control it is also necessary to have a basic knowledge of circuit theory, electronics, classical control and digital control.
* For the option in High Frequency Electronics it is also necessary to have basic knowledge of electromagnetic theory, circuit theory, antennas and transmission lines.
* For the option in Telecommunications it is also necessary to have basic knowledge of modulation, transmission techniques and multi-channeling in time and frequency.

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