The graduate of Computer Science from CICESE follows institutional practices and guidelines to train teachers and Ph.D., designed to generate knowledge through a rational and systematic investigation process, relying on a personal attention.

In this context, the program of the Master’s Degree has a well-defined study plan where no distinction is made between courses for master and doctoral programs, meaning that all are postgraduate courses in Computer Science.

Under this scheme, the Council of the Graduate Program in Computer Science has modified the study plan in July 2003 according to the context, redefining optional courses and the description of lessons’ contents. These changes are partly due to internal factors such as the incorporation of new researchers and therefore changes in the lines of research, as well as some general aspects arising from the area itself, that dictate a certain global trend towards the acquisition and transfer of knowledge in computer science.

Based on the proposal of 2003 and incorporating the appropriate changes, the study plan was revised in 2007. In a new effort to contextualize the program, the study plan of the Master’s Degree in Computer Science from CICESE is presented. Moreover some general guidelines are set, in order to establish internal operating mechanisms of the master’s program, with the aim of having it consolidated and internationally recognized.

We start by recognizing that the master and doctoral programs in Computer Science are one of the essential activities of researchers from the Department of Computer Science at CICESE. This way, all research activities, partnering and other academic activities that are performed within the department should be related to the activities of the graduate.

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