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The Geology Department carries on studies related to the recent and older rock deformations, chemical composition and magnetic properties, dating of igneous and sedimentary rocks as well as watersheds evolution. Studies are also made about structure of Earth’s crust, and through satellite image-processing techniques, Earth’s surface. All of this with the intent of reconstructing the geological history of northwest México, resource evaluation and geological risks. One of the regions which the Department’s studies emphasizes, is the Gulf of California and surroundings, so we can better understand the geologic processes that originated it, as of those which are still acting and impacting society. Besides some studies are realized on a worldwide basis where there are geological problems and significant features that will helps us comprehend the dynamics of our planet.

Carretera Ensenada-Tijuana No. 3918, Zona Playitas, C.P. 22860, Ensenada, B.C. Mexico. Phone: 01(646)175-05-00

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